Avery Island's Jungle Gardens - pam-and-edmund-mcilhenny

" A wonderful bird is the pelican; His bill will hold more than his belican; He can take in his beak enough food for a week; But I'm damned if I see how the helican!"

You have probably heard this limerick penned by Dixon Lanier Merritt in 1910. It's true, too. That pouch the Brown Pelican above is showing off can hold three times as much as its stomach. The Pelican uses its pouch as a net to scoop up fish and hold them until the water is squeezed out, at which point it swallows the fish. The pouch serves other purposes too. Young Pelicans eat from their parent's pouch, and in hot weather, the pouch cools off the Pelican.

Source: U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service

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