Avery Island's Jungle Gardens - pam-and-edmund-mcilhenny

The Acadiana Advocate reports that although Bobcats are common, they are so elusive and solitary that few people see them in the wild. This Christmas Day 2017 was the first chance we have had to get a photo of a Bobcat here on Avery Island. Louisiana has a Bobcat Refuge, near Lafayette, founded by Pamela Connery in 2010, with a mission of returning Bobcats to the wild. They are helpful to the environment, as they kill venemous snakes that get into duck blinds and deer stands. They mainly pursue rabits, mice, squarrels and birds--and can pounce on a target from 10 feet away. Bobcats are preyed upon by great horned owls, coyotes and ferel pigs. Female Bobcats have litters of 1-6 kittens, who stay with their mother for up to a year.

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