Avery Island's Jungle Gardens - pam-and-edmund-mcilhenny

Around 1895, E. A. McIlhenny helped save the Snowy Egrets by going out into the marsh, finding eight young egrets, and raising them in captivity in a flying cage he built over an area he called Willow Pond. McIlhenny described Willow Pond as follows: "Where Bird City is now was a wet area known as the Willow Pond. The spot was covered with buttonwood trees, willows and marsh grasses and a few green herons nested there each spring. I built a small dam around a spring in the middle of the wet spot over which I built a cage fifty feet square covered with poultry netting." In the fall he released the grown Snowy Egrets from the flying cage, and they flew south across the Gulf of Mexico. The following spring the birds returned to Avery Island with others of their species -- a migration that continues to this day. Theodore Roosevelt, the father of American conservationism, called Bird City, "the most noteworthy reserve in the country." See http://www.TABASCO.com and http://www.junglegardens.org and The History of Jungle Gardens by Lisa B. Osborn, Shane K. Bernard, and Scott Carroll.

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