Avery Island's Jungle Gardens - pam-and-edmund-mcilhenny

This stairway has an interesting history. E. A. McIlhenny had a friend, Charles W. Ward from Long Island, who sailed his yacht, the Ethel M. Ward, to Avery Island each fall during the early 1900's to visit and to hunt. He built the boathouse that is still visible in Jungle Gardens, and set up large living and cooking tents up the hill from the boathouse. Eventually the tents acquired a roof and walls, resulting in a house with a rather peculiar layout. After Mr. Ward quit coming to the Island due to health issues, one of E. A. McIlhenny's daughters lived in the house with her husband for a a few years beginning in 1920. Several years later, the house burned down due to faulty wiring, and all that remains is the lovely staircase and a Camellia garden where the house once stood.

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