Welcome to our favorite wildlife and landscape photos of Avery Island, Louisiana, where our extended family has lived and worked since 1818. Located about 140 miles west of New Orleans, Avery Island is one of five salt domes rising above the flat Louisiana coastal wetlands. The Island's beautiful rolling hills, ponds, live oak forests, and swamps are home to such a varied species of plants, flowers, birds, and other wildlife, that it is truly a photographer's paradise.

Avery Island is also the home of Jungle Gardens and TABASCO Brand Pepper Sauce. Much more information on Avery Island is available at www.TABASCO.com.

Please keep in mind that all of our wildlife photos that seem to be close-ups were actually taken from some distance with a very long lens--so please keep your distance too--they are, after all, wild animals.

We expect that our photos, which we continue to update, will mainly be enjoyed as online viewing galleries. But we also appreciate that while many people bring cameras to Avery Island, it is hard to get the best shots on a short visit. So please enjoy our photos, and supplement your own photos with prints of ours if you like. 

Warmest regards, Pam and Edmund McIlhenny